* Stops pain and inflammation at the cellular level by switching off the master pain switch molecule, NF-Kb;

* Turns off pain through multiple pathways: Inhibits the Cox2 enzyme, halts production of inflammatory immune molecules, and provides antioxidant protection;

* Combines 9 proven natural pain-killers – rosemary, turmeric, ginger, resveratrol, boswellia, holy basil, rutin, goldenthread and skullcap

* Is safe and natural – Has no known side effects;


What If You Could Turn Down Minor Pain With Just A Flip Of The Switch . . .?

For generations, thanks to simple foods and spices like red grapes, buckwheat, turmeric and ginger people have been able to dance, walk, climb stairs, clean house and sleep without worry – comfortably, confidently. But no one quite knew why these worked so well.

Now scientists are figuring out why. And it’s due to perhaps one of the most significant discoveries when it comes to managing minor pain and inflammation . . .

Scientists have discovered deep inside each cell in your body is a master switch for regulating pain. It’s called nuclear factor kappaB (NF-kB) . . .

This special molecule starts off the entire chain reaction of pain in your body . . .

And if you deactivate it – the whole pain process stops dead in its tracks. Best of all, research also demonstrates that you don’t need anything that fancy to control this switch.

It seems that foods and spices that have been used for millenniums to help with minor pain work using this very same mechanism.

They all flip off this master switch. And as a result turn pain off in your body, cell by cell.


Inflammexx Controls The  Master Switch And More

Inflammexx works using multiple pathways to keep you feeling comfortable, energized and mobile.

With Inflammexx’s special combination you’ll wash away pain in several ways – not just one . . .

Inflammexx helps . .

  • * Directly suppress the Cox2 enzyme. When it turns off this key enzyme, it stops the production of the pain molecules – prostaglandins – that turn each cell into a hotbed of pain;


  • * Fight off free radicals. Pain is often a response to an attack on the body. When you pull in Inflammexx’s powerful full-spectrum antioxidant power (from turmeric’s curcumin, rosemary, boswellia, rutin and more), you stop pain before it even starts.


  • * Stop muscle cramping. Keep in mind that when muscles relax, it reduces stress on your joints and neighboring muscle groups as well.


  • * Tell your immune system to shush. Your immune system depends on the communication molecules known as cytokines. Some of these cytokines seem to signal the immune system to start the inflammation process. And some seem to tell it to cool it. The ingredients in Inflammexx seem to consistently put a lid on inflammatory cytokines, telling your immune system to shush and calm down.


How To Help Nerve Pain? Use Inflammexx’s Powerful Inflammation-Fighting Formulation

Pain can make even the sunniest day in June turn cloudy and dismal. Everyday tasks become ordeals. And even the respite of sleep can become impossible to hold onto when pain interferes.

When you’re dealing with pain, you want something reliable. Something that help you reclaim your day and do the things you used to enjoy before the pain started – a good walk . . . shopping  with your friends . . . dancing in the evening.

Inflammexx brings you this relief and reopens the door to life without pain.  It helps your body switch off the master pain switch at the cellular level.

Find out for yourself how well Inflammexx brings relief from minor nerve pain and inflammation. You can try it risk free – 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.*



Formulated in a base of extra virgin olive oil, extracts of rosemary, tumeric, ginger, holy basil leaf, boswella, rutin, polyphenols, resveratrol extract, goldthread root extract, scullcap extract.



Take 1 capsule 3 times daily wit a small amount of food. Some improvements should be experienced after taking 1 bottle. Consider to take 1-2 capsules for maintenance.